General FAQs

Get the answers to all of your questions right here! Or even if you don’t have a particular question, feel free to browse and learn something new about the app! Make sure to view the How To Ride page for a tutorial and further instructions on navigating your app.

1. Where can I download the toovo app?

Simply enter your email address into the field on our home page and we will send you a direct link for download. You may also log onto your iPhone or Android device and proceed to the iTunes App Store or Google Play App Store respectively. Enter “toovo” into the search bar and hit the install button. Our app is always free!

**Make sure to allow for all permissions prompted by the app (including GPS location and push notifications) to ensure the best possible experience.

2. Can I really choose my own price?

You certainly can! The toovo app gives you the traveler the option to tell us what you feel like paying. The slider bar will start you off on the suggested fare our drivers are usually paid for that trip, where you then may toggle the price up or down. This price will reflect your total fare (all extras included) less the gratuity you decide to apply or tolls you may acquire. Submit this fare to our drivers. Once a driver accepts your bid, you will be notified and greeted in a few minutes. Price Tool Tip: When fewer drivers are available in your area, bump up your bid to win the nearest vehicle to you.

3. Where does toovo currently service?

The toovo app may be used in the NYC Metro area. This includes the 5 boroughs and it’s major airports, northeastern parts of New Jersey, southern areas of upstate New York, Connecticut and parts of Long Island. As our fleet continues to grow, you will see access to our vehicles grow in further locations from the city’s center.

4. What does “Let’s Roll Now” mean?

This is your “On-Demand” option. Need a car as soon as possible? Simply hit the “Let’s Roll Now” button and your drivers will be presented to you in seconds. You will not be able to alter the pricing using this option. We will not however be able to present a total fare unless you add a destination or until your trip is complete (fares are calculated post-trip measuring time, distance and any applicable tolls).

5. What does “Name Your Price” mean?

By tapping the “Name Your Price” button, you are choosing to bid on your own fare. The next screen will show a slider bar with the suggested fare as the default rate. For these requests, you will be required to enter a destination. See Question #2 for more details.

Drivers & Vehicles

6. What vehicle types do you offer?

Using the vehicle selection option on your home screen, you may toggle between sedans, luxury vehicles, and SUVs. The “Luxury” option will filter only the newest vehicles and highest rated drivers to you for a slightly higher rate. While selecting your driver, you will see the specific vehicle year, make, and model during any ride request.

7. Where do toovo drivers come from? Do they work for toovo?

Toovo prides itself in using a vast network of affiliate car service bases that we’ve teamed up with. Toovo does not possess or recruit any of it’s own drivers, but rather works with these bases’ drivers to provide and return NYC based work to them. We feel this model provides our travelers with a variety of trusted, professional options when it comes to service level and vehicle types. All bases and drivers are thoroughly screened, interviewed, and educated on the toovo application and etiquette.

8. Do I need to tip my driver?

You tip a waitress after a good meal or a cab driver after a safe ride, don’t you? We prompt our travelers to tip and provide a star rating after every trip is complete. Toovo makes this easy by letting you tip with your credit card (no need for cash!). Contrary to popular belief, gratuity is not always automatically built in to your fare. Of course, tipping is never mandatory, but greatly appreciated!

9. How can I report a driver?

Please call or email our team immediately with any driver issues and be prepared to supply the reservation confirmation numbers and/or driver number is available. We will work with our affiliate base to remedy any service issues and have their management teams speak directly to their drivers. Toovo does not have any direct connection to individual affiliate drivers.

The Ride

10. Can I book in advance?

Not yet. Toovo currently only provides an on-demand car service option. Advanced reservations will be included in a not too distant update, so keep an eye out!

11. Can I view my requested vehicle in real-time?

Yes! Once a driver accepted your request, the icon (Lenny The Limo) will make it’s way towards your pick-up point in real-time. You can also view your progress while inside the vehicle. This is great for when you are sending a vehicle to pick up a friend and wish to view their progress. Use the “Send Location” button while in your car to show a friend your ETA.

12. How do I find my driver?

Once you have selected a driver for your trip, we provide you with his or her photo and a description of the make and model vehicle they drive. Your driver will also present a bright red toovo sign in the window.

13. Can I contact my driver prior to pickup?

Yes. By tapping the call or text button your screen, you will pull up the option to call or message chat with your driver using an anonymous phone number system. Drivers are also instructed to notify their passengers of any unforeseen delays or emergencies, where they may then cancel the trip at no charge upon your request.

14. Why is my ETA changing?

The ETA we provide you with is based on an algorithm that uses GPS technology and frequent “pings” to calculate the driver’s position in relation to your pickup point. The ETA is also based on distance and traffic notifications via satellite. This number will adjust for delays, traffic lights, any missed turns etc.

15. Can I book a reservation via

No. We feel in order to keep the reservation process simple and most convenient for our travelers, all reservations will only be accepted via mobile devices. Our beautiful website is for informational purposes only.

16. May I request multiple vehicles?

Unfortunately at this time the toovo app is only able to process one ride request at a time. Please wait till your trip is complete before booking an additional ride. Better yet, have your friend download the toovo app and book that second vehicle for you!

17. I may have lost something in my vehicle; what are the best steps to take?

Please call or email our team immediately with your trip information and a description of the item lost. We will work to notify the affiliate base and have them reach out to your last driver. Do not attempt to reach the driver using any previous phone numbers. These are ghost numbers and are reassigned to new trips after your job is completed.

Pricing & Billing

18. What is the “Suggested Fare” on the Name Your Price screen?

This number shows our travelers the pre-calculated book rate as a reference point for selecting your own price. This number is what a driver is used to being paid for this specific type of job.

19. Wouldn’t I always want to bid less than the suggested fare?

Not necessarily! It would be easy to think this, but there are many times we need that ride during busy hours and we need it now! Toovo drivers are hard working professionals with long hours like many of you. Have you ever found yourself on a street corner in the rain unable to hail a cab, or perhaps extremely late for a meeting? Use the slider bar to throw your drivers a few extra dollars and they will be more than happy to help you get to where you need to go fast!

20. Is there a minimum fare?

Our minimum fare is $13.00 for any ride remaining within 1 borough and $23.00 for any trip crossing between 2 or more boroughs. These minimums ensure that our drivers are compensated properly for their time and vehicle ware and tear.

21. How are toovo trips priced? Do you post your rates anywhere?

Absolutely! We are able to provide our travelers with the base fares, time and distance rates, minimum fare amounts and cancellation fee amounts. However, we are only able to provide you an all-inclusive rate once your destination is entered into our app (“Name Your Price” option only). You can view our pricing table and disclaimers here, on the in-app “Pricing” menu tab, or by tapping the vehicle selection icons on your app home screen.

22. Are toovo rates the same for all vehicle types?

No. We provide separate pricing structures for standard sedans, luxury vehicles, and SUVs. Sedan pricing is also broken up into peak and off-peak pricing tables.

23. Do you send detailed receipts after every ride?

Yes! Immediately after every trip you will be able to view a description of your trip within the app as well as receive a detailed receipt via email. We even give you the option to re-send your receipts for when you need find those emails quickly. If for any reason you are unable to receive a receipt, please email us and our team will get right on it.

24. Can I split a fare with someone?

This is a feature we are working towards but is unfortunately not available at this time. Maybe grab their next beer at the bar!

25. Am I responsible for payment of all tolls?

Yes. Any tolls will be an additional line item on your final trip summary and emailed receipt. When traveling between NY and NJ, the $20 service charged for this type of trip will include the toll and not charge any extra fees.

26. I am not receiving emailed receipts after my trips.

If you don’t receive an emailed receipt in under a few minutes after a ride, make sure you have finalized your trip by providing a tip and rating to the driver first. Also, make sure that your email settings are set to receive mail from toovo or that they are “Marked As Safe.” Receipts may end up in your spam folder initially.

27. Why am I taxed on some trips and not others?

New York City and the Taxi & Limousine Commission require that sales tax is collected for all black car trips taken. Regulated Livery or Car Services are allowed to operate without collecting any sales tax from it’s travelers, as they operate as more of an economy level service. The toovo app lets you know whether or not a driver works for a black car service or a livery service. This is not to be confused with the unregulated “Gypsy Cabs” you may see in operation. All affiliates of toovo are TLC regulated.

28. How can I enter my promotional code?

Easy! You will see a button to enter promotional codes on the bottom right corner of your screen while waiting for drivers to accept your request. Enter your code and the appropriate percentage or discount will be taken off the base fare of your ride. You deserve it!

You may also enter a promotional code ahead of time under the menu tab / profile.

29. What is “Default Gratuity?”

You may edit this gratuity option to automatically provide your driver with the set amount of gratuity of your choice. This setting is optional, however in the instance of forgetting to finalize your trip, all trips are automatically finalized after a certain period of time. Your predetermined gratuity will apply to these instances. You still possess the option to add or subtract gratuity once a trip is complete. To change the gratuity setting, visit the Menu -> Profile -> Settings tabs and click save once complete.

30. There is an extra charge on my credit card statement for your services.

As a security and authorization method, we charge a small, temporary amount to your credit card (usually a few cents) which will be removed shortly afterwards. If these charges are not removed or the amount is substantial, please contact us immediately.


31. How do I create a profile?

Simple! Fill out the quick form on our home page and click submit. You will then be ready to enter your credentials upon app startup. You may also create a profile on the app. Once the app is installed, upon first launch you will be prompted with a sign up form. Any online profile requests will automatically sync up to your mobile number and toovo app. You can then log in on your device.

32. How do I enter my home or favorite location in my address book?

Once an address has been used as a destination and the ride completed, it will be added to “My Locations” (under the Profile tab). By tapping any location listed, you have the option to classify this location with a list of icons. You also have the option to enter your own locations in your profile.

33. How do I edit my profile password?

Visit the menu button on your app and select Profile -> Personal Info -> Change Password. You will then be sent a confirmation upon submission.

34. When I try to sign up for a profile, I see a “Not Authorized Profile” pop up.

This message may occur if a profile was half-complete in the past or a password is being entered incorrectly. Try the “forgot password” option or simply close and restart your app to try again.

35. I am receiving frequent errors or cannot sign up for a profile successfully.

If you are receiving network errors or you are unable to perform certain functions of the app, you may try one of the following: Try connecting with your WIFI (toggle on and off), try closing and restarting your app, try uninstalling and reinstalling the app from the store, or try resetting your password. Your profile will remain in tact and you may log in with all previous data stored. If the problem persists, please submit a feedback/glitch report via the app or contact us via our website.

36. How can I delete my toovo account?

Unfortunately there is no way via the app to manually delete your toovo account. You may remove any unwanted payment information from your profile at any time. However, to remove an account from the toovo app, please email us your name, email, and mobile number with the request for profile deletion.

Customer Service

37. How do I contact the toovo team?

You can feel free to send us an email at any time right here! Our team is standing by at all times to answer any questions you may have. You may also submit your comments via the “Feedback” tab on our in-app menu.

38. What is the best way to report a service issue?

Certainly feel free to call or email our team with any issues that may arise and a live person will be able to assist. You may also send feedback our way via the in-app feature located on your menu. When you rate a driver 3 stars or less, you will also be prompted to provide us with the reason why you chose to rate your driver as so.


39. Can I cancel a reservation and will it incur any fees?

Once a driver is assigned to your request, there will be a 2-minute grace period in which you may cancel your ride without penalty. This can be done using the red “X” button in the corner of your screen. After the 2-minute grace period, you will still be allowed to cancel your trip, but a cancellation fee of $10.00 will be charged to your account for the driver’s time and fuel.

40. What happens is a driver is no longer able to perform a pickup?

In this scenario, the driver is responsible for cancelling the ride on his or her end and you will not be charged any fees.

41. What are your drivers’ policies on babies and pets?

Being that our fleet is comprised of affiliate drivers and bases with their own policies, we cannot at this time guarantee that each individual driver will comply with any infants or certain animals. Toovo is an aggregator of car service and although we do our best to work with the most accommodating car services, we cannot at all times guarantee their policies.

Corporate FAQs

1. How do Corporate Accounts work?

If your company signs up with toovo, we will assign your company and account number along with a company password and any job/department codes you request to be tracked. We provide the option inside your toovo app to link your corporate account. In 2 taps, you an toggle between booking under a corporate or personal account (with the associated credit cards). For more information, please inquire or visit our Corporate page.

2. Is there an account application that needs to be filled out?

Yes. Please visit our contact page to inquire and please let us know your company name. We will then reply with a 1-page account application, which you may complete with credit card information and return to our team. Our account managers will provide you with a company account number and password for you and your team to utilize!

3. Can my company add and track job / department codes?

Yes! Your company can track any job code(s) or department code(s) desired, which are all reported on using our dashboard reporting tools.

4. Why aren’t I able to Name My Own Price? Is there specific corporate pricing?

We provide a custom-tailored, competitive table of predictable flat rates so you always know what you’re paying. You’ll never see a surge with toovo. Corporate account users will automatically be prompted to enter a destination so we may determine your rate. Personal users will see peak and off-peak pricing for sedan jobs, however corporate rate tables will possess set pricing all day long.

5. How do I link my personal profile to a corporate account?

Under the main screen menu, tap your “profile” and then visit “payment options.” You will see the option to “Add Company Account” at the bottom. Here you will enter the account ID and passcode we’ve provided to your admin. Once you add your account, you will see the option on your home screen to toggle between a corporate profile and your personal one.

6. Does my company have an account manager to speak with?

Absolutely! You’ll be assigned a personal account manager to call and email whenever need be. Our whole team here is also able to assist you during any hours of the day.