Pricing Breakdown

Know what you’re paying before you roll out!

*FOR ALL TRIPS (“Let’s Roll Now” & “Name Your Price”): Toovo is not a transportation provider. Rates apply to direct trips between specified locations based on time and distance. Rates shown above do not apply to the “Name Your Price” feature except to provide a suggested fare. Please note the times listed above at which your rate will reflect peak or off-peak pricing. A minimum of $23 will be charged for any trip between 2 boroughs. Additional stops, no-show or waiting charges may result in a higher fare. Applicable tolls may be added to your fare as well. A $20 surcharge will take effect during any trips between NY and NJ (tolls are included in this surcharge and will not be additional.) New York sales tax will be charged to all travel with 4 or 5 star companies (black car services). Black car services will be subject to sales and workers comp tax on your base fare. You will be notified when taxes are in affect via the driver selection screen.”. Gratuity may be added via app, post trip.

*Cancellations will result in a $10 fee for all vehicle types. No-shows (occurring 5 minutes after driver arrives on location) will also result in a $10 charge to your credit card.

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